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I am a Massage Therapist, not a doctor.  So that means what I say on this blog is OPINION.  Especially where the FDA (and god only knows how many other government agencies) are concerned.  If you think what I say rings true for you…see a doctor.  However, I would advise that it is a Functional Medicine Doctor (yes, they are legitimate MD’s, but with better knowledge regarding what I talk about on this blog).  You can search for one in your area here or here.  I would also suggest an Integrative Medicine Doctor (click here to find one) or even an Osteopathic Doctor (click here to find one).  Nothing I say is a one size fits all…seriously…how much in life actually IS a one size fits all?  Common sense will tell you to do your own research.  I know…there is someone I know well that HATES that line, but it is true.  Know thyself.  No one else can know you the way you know you…not even a doctor.  But, because I have to say it…consult your doctor on EVERYTHING written in this blog.  EVERYTHING.  No matter what.  Just consult them.  Even if I choose to write about how much I seriously love my cat Dixy.  Just consult your doctor in case that post could be hazardous to your health in any way, shape or form.  You have been warned and I take no responsibility since I put a link to this in my posts that you read.

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