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Meet Tiffany


Thank you so much for wanting to get to know me better!  My name is Tiffany Marie Zwieg.  I am the Master Gardener for Tiffany’s Healing Garden.  If you are the woman who has given of herself and nourished everyone else, while ignoring the tending of your own garden, then we will get along well!  I am here to help you do the necessary weeding and cultivating to help get your garden back on track and producing the magical fruit that makes life worth living!

The first five years of my life were spent in heaven on a beautiful four acre plot in rural Minnesota.  I lived with my Grandparents whom I adored.  We had plenty of cats, a Collie Dog named Bonnie, a very old grove of trees, a small alfalfa field, an orchard in the back, a lilac hedge, a beautiful antique rose bush off the deck and a one acre garden where I learned my love of growing things with my Grandmother.

I am a Minnesota Native, widow and mother to two teen boys.  I am a Master Gardener (as a hobby), I have read and studied Organic gardening/small scale farming and Permaculture for nearly seven years now.  I had the opportunity to gain more experience by raising a small herd of Gulf Coast Native Sheep in Texas for about a year.

Why work with me?  I went to school and did the necessary paperwork process to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I am also a Reiki Level Two Practitioner and have taken 134 hours thus far in Acupressure with Chinese Medicine Theory.  I am also a Stress Management and Happiness Coach and continue to study these areas.  I work with essential oils, herbs, love natural and holistic living and enjoy the benefits of working with Crystal Energy and Oracle Cards.

I believe in getting to the deep roots of core issues that are holding people back.  My goal is to help people gain their self worth back through my program, Tiffany’s Healing Garden.  I am able to express energetic issues in a way that brings it all back to nature through gardening, growing, planting and nature metaphors and analogies.  This can be quite helpful for the person who is brand new to Energy Healing or has been confused with vague ideas in the past.