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Welcome!  I am so glad that you are here to learn about the Unleash Your Self Worth Book Club!  You have taken the first step into unleashing and reclaiming your self worth to live your best life!  Congratulations!

Are you the woman who attempts to pour from an empty cup every day, always draining herself for others and never taking the time or money for herself without feeling guilty or ashamed of it?  This book club is for you.  By the end of 2017, you are going to break through that thought process and the mental barriers keeping you trapped in a perpetual state of self sabotage.

You are going to have the opportunity to become vibrant, full of life and color, and energy!  You will be free to allow your inner child wisdom to shine through and learn how to play again and do the things that make you happy!  You will be able to channel your passionate Goddess energy, your divine femininity, your beautiful feminine essence!

The Unleash Your Self Worth Book Club is a supportive, encouraging community of women that are ready to take back their true worth and value!  You will get support and encouragement from each other, and from strategically chosen coaches and authors; women who have walked the walk and are ready to be your advocate, coach, and cheerleader.

This will take place on Facebook in a Secret Group (this brings back memories of secret clubs as kids…oh how I loved those)!  You will have access to Live Stream Events that will only take place for the Unleash Your Self Worth Book Club.  You will also have access to joining a very special members only Pen-Pal sign up to encourage life long friendships from this exclusive club!  And…there are many, many secret bonuses to be revealed throughout the year!

I have no doubt that most people are questioning why I would bother with a book club that surrounds the topic of self worth.  Please, allow me to explain.  My day job is Massage Therapy.  The city in which I live and work I have met so many women that simply cannot invest in themselves.  Many times I hear the complaints of, “I can’t afford massage,” or, “I don’t have time for massage.”

As the layers are peeled away…we find out that most women actually do have the time and they do have the money for self-care.  What we as women are actually doing with our time and money is prioritizing everyone else, and in the process draining ourselves.  We have all heard the expression, “you cannot pour from an empty cup,” however, that is exactly the way most women live.  Attempting to pour every single day from an empty cup by never taking the time for ourselves and never spending money on ourselves without feeling guilt or shame about it.

If you are ready to unleash your self worth and allow it to soar after years of stagnation, suppression and shame, this Book Club is for you!

Self Worth Book Club

Purchase your books in the list below-just click on the images, and again, you may choose to read them all or only pick out a few, the choice is yours!

February 2017-Book of the Month!

I love Nancy’s no nonsense approach to facing our excuses, chosen limitations and baseless fears!  I was part of one of her JUMP coaching sessions and have listened to her many times on Hay House Radio as well as her Facebook Live talks!  She is a wonderful teacher and coach and you will love this book as it challenges you to do what you have not done yet!

March 2017-Book of the Month!

What can I say about Dr. Christiane Northrup that has not been said before?  She is unbelievably powerful, feminine and knowledgeable!  In this book she gives insight on how to live so as not to regret life as the end.  Be willing to let go of the minor things and receive her encouragement to savor the pleasurable things!

April 2017-Book of the Month!

What resonated with me the most in this book is that Doreen Virtue get into Post Traumatic Stress Reaction (PTSR).  Many people who deal with that do not believe they have have a happy, sparkly life.  However, Doreen gets into HOW to live a great life and best of all, her suggestions and opinions are backed by science!  The resources (also called the bibliography) in the back of the book alone are worth the investment!

May 2017-Book of the Month!

First of all, I adore Jen Sincero’s style of writing!  Second, at the end of every chapter she gives a reason to love yourself-and it might not be what you think.  I love how as a “tell it like it is” person that she is, her style of writing forces you to get REAL with yourself!  This book is a gem and I truly hope every page gives you a smile (and maybe even a laugh)!

June 2017-Book of the Month!

This is a book of healing and acceptance.  Through these gentle and comforting words you can choose to heal your past, your sexuality, and even your authenticity.  If you really ponder the words, you may need a few tissues, but it will be worth it to “feel all the feels” and come out much stronger after finishing this book!

July 2017-Book of the Month!

The first time I read this book, I could not put it down, I devoured it!  The second time around I really focused and took the time to go through the exercises at the end of each chapter.  Christy is an amazing teacher and coach.  I have enjoyed not only her book, but listening to her wisdom through a variety of different training videos and webinars!

August 2017-Book of the Month!

If you are ready to go deeper and face the truth that you create your own reality, then join us as we read this book in August!  This book is going to knock your socks off!  Written by the Ultimate Spirit Junkie, be sure to open your mind to the possibility of miracles as you go through these uplifting and inspiring pages!

September 2017-Book of the Month!

This is a book of accepting changes.  To reclaim or unleash our self worth will require not only making changes, but accepting outside and inside changes along the journey.  Savor every chapter of this book and feel the beautiful wisdom surround you like a warm, cozy blanket on a chill winter morning!

October 2017-Book of the Month!

This is the perfect book to remind us as we approach the holiday season to put our self-care first!  If everyone and everything else claims your time and you are still not saying no, you simply must read this book!  This is a wake up call to allow pleasure in life by mindfully including it both with our time and with our money!

November 2017-Book of the Month!

What goes on in your head when you look in the mirror or when you make a mistake?  Do you hear the mean girl in your head?  Very few of us have gone through life without an inner mean girl.  Melissa does of wonderful job of teaching you to master that mean girl through sharing her story and gentle way of writing and telling us the hard things we need to hear!

December 2017-Book of the Month!

One of the most powerful tools for self worth I have ever found is the science backed personality test.  Knowing yourself if a powerful tool, but knowing how OTHERS see you is equally as powerful!  Take joy in your strengths and gifts that you bring to your family, friends and your community!  This is a book of celebration!

Purchase your Planner below, just click on the image.  You are going to learn how to schedule time for YOU and prioritize yourself!

The Panda Planner (the one with the coloring pages) is literally my favorite planner that I have ever found!  I adore the positivity that it brings to my planning and my life.  Michael Leip, the author and creator out did himself on this brilliant planner.  I also really enjoy the video series that he did on how to use the planner to its optimal potential.  The instructions for how to access that video course is inside the planner once you receive it!

Share this with your best friend!  Maybe she lives next door and maybe she lives in another state…but she might be the best accountability partner for you!  And share this on your social media…you never know, perhaps someone you seldom talk to, desperately needs this community and has been fighting a silent battle of unworthiness, alone.

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Meet these amazing men and women who will be a part of this journey who have walked the walk and are going to encourage you to Self Worth greatness!

Meet Amy Ruocco, founder of Blissed Kids and Inspired Spaces as well as Project Dyslexia, LLC.  This is Amy’s story of self worth, click here!

Meet Rita Ese Edah, author of Beauty’s Story and certified Transformational Life Coach and NLP Practitioner!  Hear her beautiful story of self worth, click here!

Representing men and New York City, Scott Shane Holt helps ambitious people discover their true self-worth, overcome their fear, doubt, and anxiety, and reach new heights in life and business. He has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX!

Meet Lynn Smith!  She is a Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach and Premier Member of the Women’s Speaker Association!  Lynn’s beautiful story of self worth is here!

Meet Jennifer Bell!  She is a kick-ass Coach and Soulful Side-Kick to chronic illness warriors.  She helps you to find balance, find your joy and blossom.  Here is Jennifer’s story, click here!

Meet Angela, creator of the Boo-Tay Love Program to connect your brain to your body and your heart. She is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Dance Teacher.  Angela also teaches Online Marketing Growth Bootcamp!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Word-Love Warrior Inspiring Your Artistic Rebirth!  Here is her inspiring story of self-worth, click here!

Meet Stefanie Noland, she is a Master Motivator, Educator, and Board Certified Behavior Analyst who can help with anxiety reduction, self-management, self-awareness, and stress-management!  Hear her inspiring story, click here!

Meet Brad Rudner, a Transformational Nutrition Coach who has also been seen in Paleo Magazine!

Meet Cordelia Gaffar!  She helps moms to nourish themselves with whole foods, energize themselves with movement and inspire themselves with sweet talk. She is the Stress Less Strategist!

Julie is the owner at Tailored Output and a Leadership and Organizational Performance Coach. She helps individuals and organizations activate their genius to accomplish seemingly-impossible goals in service of a positive personal or corporate mission.


Sabahat Naureen is a leadership coach on a mission to help business owners live and lead from a place of integrity and authenticity! She believes that the best leader empowers and paves the way for others to step into their strengths.

Meet Beata Podgorska!  A confidence and passion Coach!  She helps people get their spark back!  

Meet Quay Whitlock!  She is a Life Designer & Abundance by Design Specialist.

Meet Livi Anderson!

So what are you getting for your choice of only $99 per year?  You are getting…

  • 52 Coaching sessions with Exercises (comes out to about $1.90 per session).
  • Guest Coaches and Speakers
  • A vibrant community to discuss the books and your self worth journey together!
  • An option to sign up for a monthly Pen-Pal who is on the same journey of self worth!
  • Four monthly conferences via Zoom with me, Tiffany, and maybe one or two extra special people for a Member Mingle!
  • A Resource Library with goodies and all the Coaching Sessions and Exercises archived!

Self Worth Book Club

January 2017-Book of the Month!

“Everything we do is driven by the desire to feel a certain way,” Danielle LaPorte.  Those words are so profound and make one truly wonder…if we generally want to have positive feelings and emotions, why do we make so many conscience choices that result in negative feelings or emotions?  I love this book as it makes me questions deeply why I choose the way I choose and plan…or fail to plan the way I do.